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We have numerous years of experience in TV Broadcasting. With AhornTV and TulipTV, we have created TV Shows with a multicultural focus. AbcoFilmCorp has also produced for the German program WDR. We are open for creative ideas that we can produce for the screen.

Types of TV Broadcasting:

Television Commercials
– Infomercials
– Newscasts
– Entertainment Shows
– News magazines
– Sitcom
– Reality Shows

AhornTV is a weekly German-Canadian television show in English and German, produced in Vancouver, Canada. We tell stories of people, events and entrepreneurs, particularly in arts & culture, economy, tourism and green technologies. AhornTV is aired free on OMNI TELEVISION and also available on our YouTube-Channel. Our program targets everybody in Canada and the rest of the world who is interested in German culture and language, as well as all people interested in Canada in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

AhornTV is produced and hosted by Mass Abedi. Born in Hamburg, his German-Canadian TV show is a great way for him to share his passion for his German homeland with the people in Canada. He launched AhornTV to create a platform serving the support and distribution of German language and culture in Canada. In this way, AhornTV promotes the inter-cultural cooperation and networking between Germans and Canadians and contributes to the mutual cultural understanding.

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TulipTV is a show for people who feel connected with the Dutch culture. It’s for those who seek that feeling of coming home, without the flight. It’s for those who speak Dutch and those who descended from Dutch speakers. It’s for Canadians who share progressive Dutch values. It’s for everyone who craves a bit of orange colour in their lives.
TulipTV (produced in Vancouver, BC) is an online infotainment program showcasing inspiring human interest stories and focusing on the best of what the Netherlands and Belgium have to offer the world, such as green technologies, innovative industries and cultural avant-garde.
The show focuses on cultural and social highlights in the local Dutch and Flemish communities, and on achievements and innovations by Dutch entrepreneurs, artists and scientists. Most of the show’s items will center around sustainability, innovation and culture.

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