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Germans in Canada

An ambitious documentary project about the history of the German-Canadians for ROGERS BROADCASTING!

What did the Germans in Canada achieve in the last 300 years? Who were they? Where did they come from? What did they experience? Why didn’t they want to stay German? How much did Canada’s heritage profit from the Germans? Many questions …

The people of Europe are a vital part of Canadian history. In the past and the present, they formed and are still forming the country’s multicultural mosaic. But even though every ethnic group played their own important role in the formation of this unique society, there is one community that had, in addition to the English and French, an outstanding impact in Canada’s past: The Germans.

Whenever Europeans set foot on the North American continent, the German element was almost always represented. In Canadian history, however, it was essential. Whether with Cornwallis at Halifax, Simcoe at York or Helmcken in British Columbia, Germans were much more than merely popular as immigrants in Canada. They can be marked as a charter group within the Canadian history.

“The Germans in Canada” is an ambitious 47-minute documentary that sheds new light on a part of history in Canada that everybody presumes to know, but obviously does not. There are a lot more accomplishments of German origin than most Canadians would expect – a story that needs to be told.