Advertising Options

We offer a wide range of advertising options on our German-Canadian AhornTV shows which are aired every Saturday on OMNI Television in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. OMNI encompasses a broadcast envelope of 22.7 million viewers across Canada with more than 3 million people in BC, 2.3 million in Alberta, and the majority in Ontario.

What’s the ultimate plus of advertising on TV?
TV commercials have a strong and emotional effect since visual and acoustic perception intensify memorization. We have a regional, national and worldwide audience. This facilitates building up a high reach quickly and easily.

You have the following options to advertise with us. For details, questions, and customization, please contact us via

Place Your Ad On TV!

Place a classic advertising spot on AhornTV! Reach the Canadian audience in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario! The clips can have a length of 15/30/45 or 60 sec. Advertising spots in German language are very welcome.

Place Your Ad Online!

Reach a worldwide audience! The advertising spot placed in the commercial break of one of our AhornTV shows will be included in the online version of the episode and published on our YouTube channel. From there it will be distributed across all our online channels.

Be A Sponsor!

As a sponsor of an AhornTV show you have the opportunity to present your company or product during an 8 sec opening clip announcing in German language: “This show is presented by […]”.

Other sponsoring options:

The host uses a sponsor’s product during the show.

The show is produced at a sponsor’s choice of location.

Get Your Ad!

If you would like to advertise but do not yet have a suitable advertising spot, AbcoFilmCorp will produce the ad for you.